Our services include:

  • Solar Power Services Program
  • Renewable Energy Certificates
  • Waste to Energy services

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Switch to Solar Energy and save on your Electricity bills!

Reduce your carbon foot print by switching to renewable solar power! We have made this easy for you by introducing our solar power services program that enables you to own a solar system with no upfront investment for equipment purchase or installation. Use renewable solar power for your needs and simply pay a solar power monthly bill to us at or slightly higher than the utility rates through a fixed term power purchase agreement. Power purchase agreement terms are generally for 10-20 years.

Fossil fuel based electricity generation continues to become more expensive as climate change and other pollution related regulations force utilities to install control technologies and purchase carbon off-set credits. The graph below provides a projected comparison of photovoltaic (PV) solar power verses utility electricity rates.


Silica Solar enables you to meet your renewable solar power goals by offering a range of financing options from system lease to full ownership. You own your renewable energy attributes as well!

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Carbon Neutral Program

The only solution to avoiding such catastrophic impacts is to move away from carbon intense economy to a low carbon or zero carbon economy. With our carbon neutral program we offer you several options with which you can lower or neutral your carbon intense life style by taking small actions NOW. You can carbon free your cars, your house and your travels by investing a small amount to de-carbonize them through solar power or purchasing renewable energy certificates.

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Renewable Energy Certificates Services

What is a renewable energy certifcate (REC) or green-tag?

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) or green tags are the green attributes of renewable energy. Greenhouse gases (GHG) are not emitted when electricity or heat is generated from renewable energy such as photovoltaic solar, wind, small hydro, geothermal and wave power or carbon dioxide is off-set by the renewable fuel burned such as anaerobic digester biogas, landfill gas, or biomass. One REC is generated when one kilo-watt hour (KWh) of electricity or heat is generated.

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Turn Your Farm Waste into Energy Dollars!

Waste to Energy from Anaerobic Digester System at your Dairy Farm!

The nation’s second largest dairy industry, Wisconsin dairy farms have the opportunity to turn their dairy waste into energy dollars. Your farm can produce renewable electricity, hot water and steam, and organic fertilizer from manure waste. This will not only provide long-term manure waste management for your farm but will also prevent local air and waste pollution, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and convert manure disposal problem into a profitable business.

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