Application of Biogas Plants

  • Agriculture & Dairy Industry
  • Municipal Sewerage Treatment Plants
  • Food Processing Industry


  • Dairy and poultry Farm waste
  • Ghee, Fats and vegetable oil waste
  • Organic sludge
  • Kitchen, confectionary & restaurant waste
  • Silages ( Corn, peas, grass)
  • Food processing waste
  • Sugar cane industry waste
  • Slaughter house waste

Biogas Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Plant

Anaerobic Bio-digester Technologies

High upright digester, central agitator

  • Optimum mixing, constant gas production rate
  • Good heat input, low heat losses
  • Established for large scale plants

Flat digester, side mounted mixer

  • Not optimum mixing, heat loses higher, moderate heat input
  • Best suited for medium size waste digestion plant
  • Less expensive compared to upright digester, low dry matter content

Plug flow digester, stirrer paddle

  • High matter content possible, optimum mixing,
  • expensive, not much experience in large scale plants

Products Obtained from the Bio-digester Plant

  • Electricity Generation
  • Waste heat recovery for steam and hot water
  • Compressed natural gas (CNG) generation
  • High quality solid fertilizer that can be bagged and sold separately
  • Liquid fertilizer with soluble inorganic nitrogen for agricultural
  • Carbon Emission Reduction (CERs) from CDM PDD
  • Boosting green image of the company & making it sustainable