About Us

Silica Solar was established in 2006 in Madison, Wisconsin as LLC and is currently based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada providing renewable energy and carbon offset project development services.

Our mission is to assist in transitioning to a sustainable future by harnessing renewable energy and to make renewable energy readily accessible.

We have more than 12 years experience in solar energy project development, experience in feasibility studies, design and development of  anaerobic bio-digester renewable energy projects.

Our Story

Silica Solar LLC was founded by Dr. Farhat Iqbal in 2006 based on the challenge that if global warming continues unchecked, its effects will become irreversible. The company’s goal is to facilitate projects that reduce green house gas emissions to shift from fossil fuel based electricity generation to renewable energy.

The company provides services in solar energy, zero-energy commercial buildings and residential houses  and waste to energy generation. It collaborates with technology providers, electrical engineering firms and electrical installers for renewable energy project development and implementation.

Dr. Farhat Iqbal