Services for Greenhouse Gas Reduction Projects through all phases of the project cycle from project inception:

 Project feasibility, baseline emissions, and additionality; determine the project potential to reduce greenhouse gases by calculating the project certified emission reductions (CERs) applying approved UNFCCC CDM methodology based on type of project. Develop the Project Design Document (PDD) on UNFCCC or California Climate Reserve template for registration and Validation of the project

 We maintain strong relationships and affiliation with firms committed to meet carbon reduction targets to become joint owners in Greenhouse gas reduction projects. Streamlining the process for the project owners by facilitating and negotiating the sale of CERs on behalf of the Project Owner, conduct and coordinate Pre-ERPA negotiations, assist with project Due Diligence (DD) assist the Project Owner with final ERPA contract. This places organizations in an advantageous position to hedge against CER price volatility, lower risk, assurance in investment decisions and have more control on project performance.

 We assist with project on-site Validation process by the DOE (Designated Operational Entity) for registration of the project.

 Support project owner for monitoring plan implementation for the project cycle and writing the yearly monitoring report for project verification by DOE for the release of the CERs to the buyer each year.

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Polar Design Studio Greenhouse Gas Management services

 Designing and building customized Environmental Management Information Systems (GHG EMIS) which compile, maintain, and track GHG emissions across all facilities owned by a company nationally and globally. This highly powerful and flexible cloud technology internet based GHG EMIS saves hundreds of work-hours each year, in addition to providing consistent data to meet the company’s regulatory needs.

 We also assist in developing, enhancing, updating and streamlining a program specific EMIS such as greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory (the company carbon footprint) as per GHG protocols.