• Consistent long term availability
  • Substrate analysis (Volatile Solids, Total Solids, Density, viscosity)
  • Quantity
  • Mode of Transportation
  • Substrate Seasonal Variation

Substrate Flexibility

Plants can be designed for a combination of substrates

Goals: Profitable operation of biogas plant

  • Maximum conformity of conceptual design with local conditions
  • Extensive analysis and evaluation of pre-design data
  • Location, substrate, financing, manpower
  • Optimum plant design for maximized persistent output
  • Highly efficient plant Operation & Maintenance to maximize profit
  • Waste management solution agreements, utility agreements, CNG sale agreements, CDM PDD & CERs sale agreement

Plant Design, Construction and Operation

Project economic analysis and profitability: project financing, cost and revenue, return on investment, pay back period
Plant Preliminary Engineering & Design: plant design, local construction suppliers and contractors, price and skill levels
Plant Construction and Commissioning: planning, engineering, procurement and construction construct, plant commissioning and process optimization 
Plant long-term Profitability: operation & maintenance; technical support and product market

Plant Construction and Commissioning

  • Project Completion
  • Plant Start-up/Commissioning
  • Plant Staff Training and Hand-over
  • Plant Optimization and Warrantee
  • Plant on-going Operation and Maintenance