Peyo Shaffaf Pani, Raho Sehat Mund!

Shaffaf Pani BSF (Bio-Sand Filtration Systems) Systems:

At the heart of every place is clean water that is safe to drink or use for food preparation. We at Silica Solar (Canada) are pleased to introduce our Shaffaf Pani Systems in Pakistan based on Canadian research and technology. The Shaffaf Pani System adapted from the design by Canadian scientist Dr. David Manz is modeled on the slow sand filtration method for water purification in use for 200 years. Our Shaffaf Pani Systems are manufactured locally in partnership with My Village my Craft. The Shaffaf Pani Systems are designed for use in homes and for buildings, and come in two sizes. The system inactivates and removes pathogens and turbidity through biological, and physical processes within the sand and gravel columns. These processes include: predation, adsorption, natural death, and mechanical trapping, the system requires no electricity.

The Shaffaf Pani System’s performance and water purification quality has been tested and endorsed by “Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources”, attached report, and international independent lab tests it has been shown to remove the following from contaminated water:

  • Up to 100% of helminths (worms) 
  • Up to 100% of protozoa 
  • Up to 98.5% of bacteria 
  • 70-99% of viruses 
  • Can remove up to 95% turbidity (dirt and cloudiness), and up to 95% of iron  

To protect your health and well-being with clean drinking water through the Shaffaf Pani Systems at the household and institutional levels, for orders and inquiries please contact: 

Arfan Javed (Islamabad)

Mobile: +92-332-5269686 


Col (Retd) Iqbal Ahmad Bajwa (Lahore)

Mobile: +92-300-8460124