Make Your Own Electricity and Save on Electricity Bill for +20 Years!

Install Photovoltaic (PV) Solar system at your facility roof or car park and save on electricity bill. Your solar system will produce reliable, clean power and contribute to your health by reducing city smog pollution. We will install the PV Solar system on your facility and will maintain for 20 years under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). You will save on your electricity bill for the PV solar portion of the electricity at a lower rate than your current electricity bill and get rid of rolling load shedding during day time.

  • A 20kW system on your facility roof will produce 41,860 KWh meeting most of your electricity needs
  • During plus 20 years, every year you will save approximately Rs 1,037,876 on your electricity bill
  • You will get rid of the rolling load shedding for most of your facility electric power
  • You will pay to your local electricity supplier for only a small portion of electricity still received from them     

Benefits of Using Solar Power
• Save on your local utility electricity bills
• Get rid of rolling loading shedding
• Reduce your city toxic smog pollution and climate change impact
• Create jobs in Pakistan and reduce unemployment rate
• Decrease Pakistan fuel imports and save foreign exchange
• Support regional economic growth
• Reduce mercury, sulfur and nitrogen oxide toxic emissions
• Reduce cooling water use in power plant and spare it for agriculture

You have PV Solar Power Without Investing a Rupee on it

A home or business solar system generates electricity and directly reducing your electricity bills for the life of the PPA of 20 years.

Next Step
1-A business site assessment for solar potential
2- PV solar system sized to your home or business needs
3- We prepare your grid-tie in application work for utility net metering
4- Our certified staff design and install PV solar system
5- We complete all system activation, certification, and warranty
6- You receive electricity without day time load shedding at lower rates

Power Purchase Agreement Example
Silica Solar PV Solar 20 KW Power Generation Estimate for Lahore